Bar Saint James is a new bar in a fashionable part of Swansea. They wanted a video that would showcase the bar and add a little elegance to the brand. We created a little story told through the journey through the bar to highlight it’s stunning interior and the food and drink on offer.

Spirit approached us to create a video to launch their new GP Sport R motorcycle. The video had to showcase the stunning design of the bike and the race technology used in its manufacture. We shot the bike with a classic studio lighting set-up that created a beautiful image of the bike from all angles. This coupled with some dynamic cut-away, dramatic music and cool graphics created a video that is as exciting as the bike itself.
Valentines Vintage is a charming little vintage furniture shop in Whitstable. For a social video we wanted to capture the personality of the owners and their passion for vintage furniture and give a flavour on what sort of items they might have available.
Lebara wanted a TV spot to air in the Nigerian market that would promote a new service. We shot in London and the challenge was finding the right talent that would appeal to young Nigerians. We were luck to find two amazing actors that brought humour and style to the script. With a generous 60 seconds to work with, we told a lovely little story that get s the way the Lebara card works over in a charming and humorous way.
We were commissioned by Southeastern to produce a short promo video in the style of their ‘Hidden Gems’ campaign. The railway heritage of Kent is the theme and this short punchy little video show what can be found when you travel with Southeastern.
We were commissioned by Southeastern to produce a short promo video in the style of their ‘Hidden Gems’ campaign. With three locations to cover in 45 second, we created these quick and punchy videos to highlight what gems in Kent can be found when you travel by Southeastern trains.
Baxall Construction had just completed a new school in record time using a revolutionary construction technic. They wanted a video that would highlight this new construction technic and we created this nice little corporate video that is centred around the opening event of the school.
As part of a broader recruitment drive, we created a nice little video that focused on the stories and personalities working at True. This was used on their social media and as part of the bigger campaign to drive recruitment and interest in the brand.
Wincanton driver of the year is a big event for the business and each year they visit Silverstone to pit the best drivers they have against each other. We created a promo video to highlight and promote the event for future driver wanting to show how good they are.
This film started as a camera and lens test for an idea we had for Spirit Motorcycles. We were so happy with the results we cut a short mood film together with time-lapse footage from a previous shoot.
This was our second narrative short and shot on location in Wales. It explores the themes of relationships and desire and got screened at the prestigious Palms Springs International Film Festival and the Harlem International Film Festival.
This was our first narrative short. We wanted to explore the relationship between riders and their classic motorcycles. Great performance by Joe Rainbow brought the whole story to life with old Triumph that was an actual pig to start.